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Susie and the Dandelions

Susie and the Dandelions
Paperback – November 24, 2020
by Ana Cybela (Author), Anastasia Khmelevska (Illustrator)

A heart-warming and inspiring story to help kids cope with their feelings during separation and divorce.

Susie’s parents are divorced. She can’t understand why they don’t all live in the same house anymore, and she gets tired of travelling between two homes all the time. What’s more, Susie loves dandelions, and she doesn’t know why her dad doesn’t like having them in his lawn.


But with the help of her dog Pappi, she might just be able to show her dad why dandelions are so lovely… and along the way, she’ll learn some important lessons about how, even though her parents are separated, they still love her just as much as before.

With a heartwarming and adorable message, this beautifully-illustrated children’s story seeks to help kids navigate through the difficult emotions which may arise during separation and divorce. Intended to help children understand this often-confusing time in a way that they can relate to, Susie and the Dandelions also invites parents to put their children’s emotional well-being first, no matter their differences.

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Susie and the Dandelions

If you’re searching for a delightful story to help your child understand their emotions and work through negative feelings in the wake of a divorce, then this book is for you. With loveable characters and a charming story, this book will quickly become a treasured addition to your bookshelf.

Ready to discover Susie’s dandelion adventure?

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