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Coloring Your Way to a Great Big Smile


Coloring Your Way to a Great Big Smile!: 50 Fall Coloring Activities for Mindful Little Ones - Season of Gratitude. 

Paperback – September 22, 2020
by Ana Cybela (Author), Widya Arumba (Illustrator)

Teach your kids the value of gratitude and mindfulness with this delightful Fall-themed coloring book!

Packed with 50 wonderful Fall activities, this lovely and heart-warming coloring book helps kids connect with nature and stir their inner artist. Containing beautiful illustrations of activities including collecting leaves, listening to the birds, making acorn art, and so much more, this edition of Coloring Your Way to a Great Big Smile! is specifically designed to promote gratitude and mindfulness.

Coloring is a scientifically-proven way of reducing anxiety levels, improving focus, and promoting inner tranquility. Ideal for children of all ages, they will love breathing life into these joyful designs and demonstrating their love of nature.

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