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♥ LIMITED EDITION MONKEY PLUSHIES: Surprise your kiddo with plush monkey, the star from the best-selling children’s book, “Tapping Your Way To A Great Big Smile!” Only 500 will be sold worldwide! 

♥ FUN INTRODUCTION TO EFT TAPPING: Each stuffed animal features meridian points to introduce EFT tapping to young kids in a way they’ll love! 

♥ THERAPEUTIC STUFFED ANIMAL TOY: Chinese Acupressure and modern psychology meet to create the Emotional Freedom Technique. This EFT toy helps relieve stress and anxiety with positive affirmations. 

♥ PROMOTES MINDFUL PARENTING: If your child feels anxious or tense, this plush monkey can help develop self-love while relaxing the body. Mindfulness for kids is a foundational skill every child needs! 

♥ HANDMADE TAPPING BUDDY FOR KIDS: Plush monkey is handsewn and ethically sourced from India following Fair Trade practices. Each plushy has passed rigorous testing to ensure your child’s safety.

Product Description 



This soft, huggable monkey is more than just a cute face. He's also a powerful tool for helping kids learn about their bodies! Tapping points on the monkey's body correspond to meridian points on the human body, and by following along with the instructions in the book, “Tapping Your Way to a Great Big Smile!”, kids can learn how to use EFT tapping to improve their health and well-being. What could be more fun than that? Plus, this adorable plush makes an excellent gift for any occasion!



Say hello to your child’s new best friend, tapping buddy monkey Bandar! He is perfect for introducing kids to EFT tapping and mindfulness. For those unfamiliar with EFT tapping, it is a therapeutic practice that pairs ancient Chinese Acupressure with techniques of modern psychology. EFT tapping helps relieve tensions and stress throughout the body. It's especially effective for calming kids down and improving their self-confidence. Plush monkey is perfect for home, school, travel, and more!



Handsewn from soft, ethically sourced materials, this monkey is filled with love and carefully designed to show all the right tapping points on the body for maximum benefit. Made in India following Fair Trade practices, this monkey is a practical toy that can help develop emotional intelligence while providing hours of fun and relaxation. Use it to teach your kids how to tap into their inner wisdom and wellness, or let them use it as a tool for mindfulness and self-care. Each stuffed animal has passed Intertek’s rigorous physical and flammability tests. Plush monkey is safe for kiddos and made without harmful chemicals, dyes, or pesticides. Adopt yours today because only 500 of these limited edition tapping buddies are available worldwide!


KINETIC DANDELIONS® Plush Monkey Bandar With Hearts on EFT Tapping Points Bundle

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